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Get in Shape for Your Wedding with Jenny Craig
Getting ready for a wedding requires a lot of preparation. You do not only have to look for a venue, you also need to make sure you look your best on the day. Many women who are getting married often diet before the big day, hoping that the loss of a few extra pounds will make them look fabulous in their dress. Fortunately, dieting has become a lot easier with the help of Jenny Craig!

Lose Three Times More Weight
Research has shown that women who diet with Jenny Craig tend to lose three times more weight than women who diet on their own; this is definitely a benefit if you have to lose a considerable amount of weight before your big day.

Dieting without Feeling Hungry
Most women associate dieting with feeling hungry. However, when you diet with Jenny Craig, you will not be plagued by that typical hunger feeling. Each Jenny Craig diet plan is created for the individual, so you do not follow a generalised diet plan that is not suitable for you.
The Jenny Craig diet mainly consists of three components: developing a healthier relationship with food, living a more active lifestyle and balancing your life. By combining these three components, brides can obtain their weight loss goal and keep the weight off after the wedding as well.

A Personal Approach
Jenny Craig always works on a personal level. As a bride, you are probably very busy. For that reason, Jenny Craig offers you the opportunity to meet a diet consultant at your home or have your appointment over the telephone. With the help of a consultant, you will be able to fully utilise your personalised programme and menu plan. You can also discuss your weight loss goals before the wedding, ensuring you get peace of mind before the big day!

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